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2012 Freediving Courses:

This year we are offering the following local freediving courses with a qualified AIDA instructor:


This course is designed specifically for spearfishers, to improve their freediving techniques and safety for spearfishing and includes both theory and practical sessions in the pool, covering the following topics:

  • Breathing – What gives us the urge to breathe, preparation, final breath, recovery breathing, hyperventilation
  • Black Out and Hypoxic Fit – What are they? How to avoid Black Out and Hypoxic Fit and reducing the impact should one occur, how to rescue a diver from one
  • Preventing Equalisation Problems
  • Weighting and Gear
  • How to buddy when spearing
  • Decompression Sickness
  • Other factors that affect your diving
  • Other ways to be safe and increase bottom time
  • Where to go next

from 14 years old - max. 12 students

Course Fee: £80.00

The course conducted 2012-06-02 was a great success and you can see some photos on our Facebook page.


UNDERWATER CONFIDENCE COURSE for Surfers & Water Sport Enthusiasts:

A three hour course for all levels of surfer/watersport enthusiast in freediving techniques for breath control and confidence in the water. Designed specifically for surfers and the challengers they face, the course starts with the theory and is followed by over 2 hours of practice in the Pool. You'll learn the science behind freediving and how this can help surfers, especially during a wipe-out, as well as how to prepare physicall and mentally before a surfing session. In the water, you'll put the theory into practice and see just how long you can hold your breath for, followed by fun underwater exercises and surface swimming drills to practice after the course.

Classroom theory 1 - 2 hours & pool practice for 2.5 hours


  • The respiritory system
  • The science behind freediving and breath control
  • Maximizing the mammalian dive reflex
  • Correct breathing for optimum comfort during surfing
  • How to prepare for and deal with a wipe-out
  • The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and how this affects your breathing and breath control
  • Preparing the body and mind before you enter the water


  • Correct breathing before and after a breath hold
  • Understanding the feeling and physiology behind a breath-hold dive
  • Three breaths escalating in length
  • Safety and buddying during breath-hold practice
  • Underwater exercises in breath and mind control
  • Swimming practice drills for breath hold practice

from 14 years old. - max 12 students

Course Fee: £80.00


2 Star AIDA:

This is probably the most challenging and rewarding AIDA course. For those who are already confident in the open water this course is your starting point. The course builds a foundation of good technique and safety so that you can buddy with other AIDA 2 star freedivers.This course consists of two theory sessions, a pool session and three open water dives. To successfully complete the AIDA 2 star freediver course you will have to perform a 2 minute breathold, swim 40 m underwater with fins and dive to 16m in the open water.

This course is best done over two weekends.

Course Fee: TBA + £20 AIDA Certification Fee


3 Star AIDA:

This course goes into the theory of Freediving in more depth which will allow you to understand the physiology and techniques behind diving deeper. The course will help you improve your Freediving performance whilst advancing your safety and rescue skills.This course consists of three theory sessions, two pool sessions and four open water dives. fins and dive to 24 meters in the open water. To successfully complete the AIDA 3 star freediver course you will have to perform a 2 minute 45 second breathold, swim 55 m underwater with

(Course Fee: TBA)



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