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2009 Silver Fish Competition Photos:

Here are some photos of the day's events showing some of the fish and the trophies:

2009-Comp_P1010416090906161135_tn (28K) 2009-Comp_P1010416090906161135 (28K)
Alan Lanaghan
  2009-Comp_P1010417090906162020_tn (27K) 2009-Comp_P1010417090906162020 (44K)
Pete Crawford
  Prizes & Trophies (34K)
Prizes & Trophies
  2009-Comp_P1010424090906171401_tn (15K) 2009-Comp_P1010424090906171401 (31K)
The Weighing Man!

2009-Comp_P1010427090906172218_tn (26K) 2009-Comp_P1010427090906172218 (59K)
  2009-Comp_P1010428090906172225_tn (26K) 2009-Comp_P1010428090906172225 (59K)
Rent-a-crowd 2
  2009-Comp_P1010429090906172234_tn (26K) 2009-Comp_P1010429090906172234 (57K)
Rent-a-crowd 3
  2009-Comp_P1010430090906172302_tn (27K) 2009-Comp_P1010430090906172302 (68K)
Rent-a-crowd 4

The Guys with their catch & trophies:

2009-Comp_01B-07B_Colin-Chester_tn (15K) 2009-Comp_01B-07B_Colin-Chester (256K)
Best & 7th Bass
  2009-Comp_01B_Colin-Chester_tn (27K) 2009-Comp_01B_Colin-Chester (54K)
Best Bass
  2009-Comp_07B_Colin-Chester (35K)
7th Bass
  2009-Comp_Colin-Chester_prize_tn (27K) 2009-Comp_Colin-Chester_prize (55K)

Colin Chester (UK):
Best & 7th Bass
2009-Comp_M01_David-Davies_tn (15K) 2009-Comp_M01_David-Davies (29K)
Best Mullet
  2009-Comp_David-Davies_tn (15K) 2009-Comp_David-Davies (28K)
Best Mullet
  2009-Comp_BM_David-Davies_tn (28K) 2009-Comp_BM_David-Davies (54K)
Best Mullet
  2009-Comp_David-Davies_prize_tn (29K) 2009-Comp_David-Davies_prize (54K)

David Davies (Jersey):
Best Mullet
2009-Comp_BBr_David-O'Callaghan_tn (30K) 2009-Comp_BBr_David-O'Callaghan (59K)
Best Bream
  2009-Comp_B05_David-O'Callaghan_tn (29K) 2009-Comp_B05_David-O'Callaghan (60K)
5th Bass
  2009-Comp_B05-M05-M07-M08-M09_HM_BR_David-O'Callaghan_tn (16K) 2009-Comp_B05-M05-M07-M08-M09_HM_BR_David-O'Callaghan (33K)
5th,7th,8th & 9th Mullet
  2009-Comp_David-O'Callaghan_prize_tn (31K) 2009-Comp_David-O'Callaghan_prize (70K)
  2009-Comp_David-O'Callaghan_prizes_tn (31K) 2009-Comp_David-O'Callaghan_prizes (70K)

David O'Callaghan (UK):
Best Bream, 5th Bass, 5th,7th,8th,9th Mullet & Heaviest Catch of Mullet
2009-Comp_03B_Simon-Vivian_tn (28K) 2009-Comp_03B_Simon-Vivian (59K)
2nd Mullet trophy
2009-Comp_Simon-Vivian_prize_tn (29K) 2009-Comp_Simon-Vivian_prize (60K)
3rd Mullet Trophy

Simon Vivian (Jersey):
3rd Bass
2009-Comp_M04_Andy-Dobber_tn (17K) 2009-Comp_M04_Andy-Dobber (34K)
4th Mullet
2009-Comp_04M_Andy-Dobber_tn (27K) 2009-Comp_04M_Andy-Dobber (55K)
4th Mullet Trophy

Andy Dobber (Jersey):
4th Mullet
2009-Comp_10M_Bill-Slade_tn (29K) 2009-Comp_10M_Bill-Slade (58K)
10th Mullet Trophy

Bill Slade (UK):
6th & 10th Mullet
2009-Comp_08B_Cobus-Jacobs_tn (30K) 2009-Comp_08B_Cobus-Jacobs (61K)
8th Bass

Cobus Jacobs (Jersey):
8th Bass

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